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School is closed but learning is still on. Our hearts go out to those hit by the storms. 


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Future Ready Students

This is Harrison Bay Future Ready Center's 1st year. We are excited to become the home of the Architecture and Engineering Institute and the Institute of Advanced Manufacturing. We plan to accomplish great things here this year.

Harrison Bay Future Ready Center will house the 9th and 10th grade institute students in the mornings and upperclassmen in Architecture and Engineering, Coding, and Advanced Manufacturing in the afternoon. Our goal is to help prepare students for the future.

We Believe ...

... that students will be successfully prepared for post-secondary education and careers by giving them a focus of programs that will increase motivation and aspirations while also creating opportunities for personal awareness, interests, and development of talents.

... that our school reflects the demographic mix of the community as a whole that will lead to successful skills in collaboration, innovation, and decision making.

... that through partnerships with businesses, community members, and experts outside the high school, including speakers, field experiences, hosts, mentors, internships, and possible apprenticeships, we will provide students with a better perception of what their future has for them.

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To be a part of the Harrison Bay Future Ready Institute, students should ...

  • Do one's best at all times developing talents and interests;
  • Strive to help others involved in our school to do their best;
  • Give back to the school and community through service;
  • Respect the rights, worth, and dignity of all individuals;
  • Exhibit good behavior and manners, dress appropriately, and use appropriate languages and actions;
  • Come to school consistently with the intent to learn and improve one's self and future;
  • come to all classes prepared with proper tools, supplies, and assignments.


Member of the Harrison Bay Learning Community

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