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HCHS Bridge Teachers and Students Recognized
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Thursday, October 20, 2016
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School Spotlight
Hamilton County High School
Chattanooga State Region

Hamilton County High School exists to recruit and serve the needs of students who choose not to remain in their zoned high school, or students who have dropped out and then realized the need for a high school diploma. 

"Hamilton County High School is experiencing great success in SAILS because the principal, guidance counselor, and especially the two SAILS teachers (Dr. Scott Kelley and Mr. Marvin Haliburton) are strongly dedicated to serving this non-traditional student population. The students respond to this team effort. One example of their inventiveness is the 'Fish Board' that the teachers designed to track student progress. I wouldn't have thought this would appeal so strongly to older students, but they've really bought into the fun aspect of it. I've been in the classroom when a student passes a test, and they want to put their new fish on the board immediately! The more progress they make in SAILS, the bigger the fish. When I visit this school, every member of the administrative team is welcoming. They are very engaged with the program." - Dave Pickering, SAILS Field Coordinator

"Students feel empowered by being successful on college level math concepts in a high school classroom." -Mr. Marvin Haliburton, SAILS Teacher

Pictured below (from L to R): SAILS Teacher Dr. Scott Kelley and students, Mari Hale, Farah Miller, Elizabeth Smith, and Ali Cope.

Nemo sits at the top telling students to "just keep swimming!"

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