Picket Haynes Dunn Picture

Ms. Pickett and Mrs. Haynes chosen to receive a $1,000 dollar grant each.

Mrs. Haynes was awarded $1,000 real world scholars grant through edcorps to take our manufacturing team to a higher level. The team will turn into a full student run business and they are looking at producing and selling fishing lures.

Ms. Pickett was awarded a $1,000 grant to start a Gig City girls club to encourage girls to go into STEM careers. The group will receive several robot kits that focus on coding that will let the participant expand their exposure to the world of code and other STEM opportunities. An out reach to the elementary schools is in the works too.


Hamilton County Schools Earns All 5s.

Celebrate History Picture

Check out the details here.

Safety PBL 

Our  First PBL is underway! The students are excited and engaged as they learn about safety and teamwork. Check out these picture from our kickoff event.

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