FAFSA Information

                                             FREE Application for Federal Student Aid

Step 1: Create an Account – FSA ID

This is your username and password to access and Department of Education resources and to sign you FAFSA.  You and your parent(s) MUST have an FSA ID in order to complete and sign the FAFSA.

Step 2: Complete and Submit your FAFSA Application

If you plan to receive any funding (grants, loans, scholarships, etc.) to help pay for college, you MUST complete the FAFSA application.  The FAFSA application opens on October 1st and money is often first come, first serve, so completing the FAFSA sooner rather than later is the goal. The online form has help tools to assist you; you definitely want to make sure information required is accurate and complete.  Submitting your FAFSA with incomplete or false information, or skipping over needed information can delay or restrict funds from being awarded to you.   

What you will need to complete your FAFSA:
- Student and parent Social Security #s and Birth Dates
- Prior year tax return information for the parent(s) and student, if the student filed taxes
- Student and Parent(s) FSA ID’s
- Patience and time

Link to complete the FAFSA:

Step 3: Review and Accept your financial aid ($$$)

Once you submit the FAFSA application, continue to log in and check the status of the application.  Once your FAFSA has been processed successfully, the information you provided in the application will be sent to the colleges/universities you listed on your FAFSA.  The colleges you have applied to will then send you a financial aid award/list of aid you are eligible for; you will review and accept the aid that fits your financial/academic goals.  REMEMBER:  Grants and Scholarships you do not have to pay back; loans will need to be repaid so only borrow loan money if you need it and ALWAYS consider federal loans before private loans.

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