Manufacturing Team

The manufacturing team provides students with the real world experience of creating products and selling them. In the past the team has developed 3-D prints for industry, printed 3-D parts for other teachers to use in the classroom, and created and printed posters for all kinds of purposes. This year the students have added the manufacture of fishing lures to their list of products.

HBC IconSetup, monitor, and maintain all 3-D printers.

HBC IconExecute and clean prints.

HBC IconExecute paper prints.

HBC IconDeliver completed jobs.

HBC IconHelp Tech Coordinator (Ms. Pickett) as needed.

HBC IconCreate and execute bulletin boards.

HBC IconCreate school related posters/art projects.

HBC IconFilm videos/take pictures of school events.

Mrs. Haynes and her team have been awarded $1000 to take their products to a higher level giving the manufacturing team experience a higher level of marketing and customers.

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