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The purpose of Hamilton County High School is to recruit and serve the needs of students who choose not to remain in their zoned high school, or students who have dropped out and then realized the need for a high school diploma. Credit recovery and grade level credit courses will be offered on an individualized basis. Hamilton County High School empowers students with the knowledge, skills, and character to become productive, caring citizens and provide opportunities for them to choose their future in the work force, military, or college.

Admission Criteria

A student desiring to attend Hamilton County High School must:

* Want a high school diploma

* Be at least seventeen (17) years of age and

graduate by the semester of his or her

21st birthday

* Be a resident of Hamilton County

* Have completed ten (10) credits, eight (8) of

which must be core credits

* Have completed assigned disciplinary

actions such as zero tolerance, suspension,

or expulsion prior to enrolling in Hamilton

County High School *

Admission Procedures

1. Students must meet all admissions criteria.

2. Students must complete the application prior to the review of transcript, discipline records, and attendance records by the Hamilton County High School staff.

3. Transcript and record analysis by the Hamilton County High School principal and/or designee must occur before a student will be admitted to Hamilton County High School.

4. Candidates must interview with the principal and/or Admissions Team upon successful completion of the transcript and records review.

5. If under the age of eighteen (18) and still enrolled in a Hamilton County school, student must either be recommended by current school administration or by parent directly contacting Hamilton County High School. If eighteen (18) or older, a recommendation is not required, but helps the student's chance of being accepted into the program.

6. The students and parents/guardians, if under the age of eighteen (18), must sign the:

* Hamilton County Enrollment Contract

* Hamilton County Attendance Contract

* Hamilton County Internet Use Form


1. Who are the administrators and how do I contact them?

School Principal - Mr. Gary W. Kuehn

Assistant Principal - Mrs. Rachel Duke

Contact at 423-344-1433

2. What are the school's graduation requirements?

Earn twenty three (23) credits in order to

meet graduation requirements. At that time,

a regular high school diploma will be issued

from the high school, endorsed by the

Hamilton County Department of Education

and the State of Tennessee Department of


3. What is credit recovery/how will it be implemented?

Credit recovery is an individualized plan for

assisting students in capturing lost credits.

4. How and when are students referred to the school?

Applications are accepted throughout the

school year for any student who

demonstrates a need and desire to

attend Hamilton County High School. They

may be encouraged to apply by

contacting the principal / Admissions Team

at 423-344-1433.

5. Does Hamilton County High School have a zoned district?

No zone exists for Hamilton County

High School. This is a school of

choice. Anyone residing in

Hamilton County and meeting

the enrollment criteria may apply.

6. Will transportation be provided by the school system?

No - Students will be responsible

for arranging their own

transportation. The lack of

transportation or transportation

problems, once accepted, are not

excuses for poor attendance.

7. What classes will be offered?

Classes in the core content areas

(Math, Language Arts, Science,

Social Studies, & Spanish). Career

Tech classes and some elective

classes may be offered.

8. Will students with special needs be accepted?

Yes - The principal or Admissions

Team will coordinate credit seeking

enrollment once students have met

admission criteria.

9. What is the greatest challenge students face at Hamilton County High School?

Attendance - Students that attend

regularly with two (2) absences or

less per mini-term are very success

ful. Students that do not attend regu-

larly find it tough to get through in

the scheduled timeframe.

Community Service

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Hamilton County High School is proud to work with several local community service organizations. Students and staff consistently donate items and time to help serve our community. We are currently working with McKamey Animal Center, Blood Assurance, Crabtree Farms, and the Chattanooga Food Bank.

Community Service

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