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These girls are MAD, BAD, and DANGEROUS!
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Monday, February 27, 2017
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Congratulations to Emma Rhodes, Genevra (Maddie) Bolden, Tiahna Gilreath and Aliyah Johnson for being chosen to participate in the 2nd annual Mad, Bad, and Dangerous Conference.  See the below description to see just how life changing this opportunity could be for our girls.

What Does It Mean to Get Your MBD?

The idea behind the “Get Your MBD” expression is that a woman can achieve a level of entrepreneurial experience and influence that will be equal to her obtaining an MBA.

A Mad, Bad and Dangerous woman or girl is bold, a driver of her own ideas, and willing to take calculated risks. Most importantly, she is active in sharing her knowledge with others and celebrating their success. A woman with an MBD has obtained a level of expertise that will contribute to the local economy, improve the wellbeing of others while fulfilling her own dreams.

We want women in our community to feel inspired and supported as they consider turning their ideas into real business ventures. We know women are highly qualified to make it as entrepreneurs, yet they’re underrepresented in this arena. Mad, Bad and Dangerous is designed to help women and girls see themselves as capable, confident, and bold entrepreneurs in the making.

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